DU Speed Booster

Why does my phone become slow?

Typically, the speed of a new phone is very smooth, but with time it becomes very slow. This is because a lot of software is installed on your phone which run a lot of services and processes in the background. These services and processes consume system CPU and RAM resources. In general, they are not necessary. In addition, some software you use produces a variety of temporary files. Some software automatically cleans up these files but some do not. Over time for these two main reasons, together with other issues, your phone will become slow.

How does the Booster work?

Booster through a highly intelligent processes, memory management and garbage clean-up function releases occupied resources so that the system resources are available for the real program services and mobile acceleration.

What is the Game Booster?

Game Booster is designed for gaming enthusiasts; the majority of our development team members are interested in games. Through our exclusive design the Game Booster makes your games run smoother and even improves the game’s FPS (frames per second).

What is the use of Float Window?

We strongly recommend that you open a floating window widget so that you can accelerate smart phone at all times by a single tap. For example, you open an application and at this time with the help of the window you can accelerate (speed up) your phone and restore its smooth operation. The window panel includes other convenient shortcuts, such as Bluetooth switch, GPS switches, etc.

What are the benefits of granting Booster ROOT privileges?

First, even without Root privileges the application also gives you full speed cleanup. However, some software is very stubborn, and only after having Root access our app can completely clear it. With Root access, you can also uninstall the system pre-installed applications, which can save your precious phone additional ROM space.

Why I cannot install the Booster?

This may be because your device’s current Android version is not supported by Google Play list. Booster system supports Android 2.1 and up which is good for thousands of device models. If Google Play does not support your device, please send an email to feedback@dianxinos.com and we will try to help.

Why does Booster need GPS permissions?

This permission is used for floating window and widget in the GPS switch and not for positioning.

DU Battery Saver

Does DU Battery Saver Really Work?

Based on our own testing, DU Battery Saver can increase your battery life by up to 50%…and sometimes more, depending on how aggressive your settings are. We are currently working with 3rd party testing companies to validate our findings…but you can try it for FREE to see if it works for you.

Is DU Battery Saver Free?

Yes! Most of the features are available for free. We do have some advanced and adaptive features in our Smart Power Saving settings that are accessible to our DU Battery Saver Pro users. You can upgrade anytime from within the app for just $2.99 to get up to 20% more power savings.

How does DU Battery Saver increase battery life?

Your phone has a lot of technology inside it. Some of it is hardware (like the display, the cellular, WiFi and Bluetooth networking chips, and sensors), some of it is software processes (like Account Sync that gets updates from your email system). All of these things use power, but they’re not always needed, or don’t need to be used as often as they are. Du Battery Saver manages those features in a proactive way so you’re only using the power you really need.

What are the biggest drains on my battery?

By far, your display is the biggest user of power on your phone. Some estimates show that your screen uses as much as 60% of your battery charge. Network access through WiFi or the cellular data network is also a big consumer of electrons. There are lots of other smaller things taking energy on your phone, which together can add up to a lot of power use.

What are “Background Apps” and why should I clear them?

On Android, when you leave an app by pressing the Home button, the app doesn’t really quit…it just becomes invisible and can often still be running in the background. Especially apps that update a lot (like social networking), these apps can continue to use power even though you’re not using them.

Why can’t I stop some apps that I see in the Monitor?

Some apps you see on the list can’t be stopped because they’re needed to keep your phone working. Others (like Antivirus) will re-start themselves automatically because they need to monitor what is happening at all times. While these are a battery-drain to some degree, they are not something you should worry about.

Does DU Battery Saver itself use battery?

Like any app that uses your display or accesses hardware, DU Battery Saver does use some power. But we’ve worked very hard to minimize our own power consumption. With all the other battery savings we can bring, it’s not a noticeable amount.

What is a Healthy Charge?

Healthy Charging is something you should do once a month. Lithium Ion batteries (like the one in your smartphone) need to be discharged (drained) to below 20% of capacity, then charged fully every so often. If you keep your device connected to a charger most of the time, you should be aware that this can damage your battery and shorten its life.

Even with DU Battery Saver, I still run out of battery very quickly…Why?

The problem could be that your battery needs replacing. Each one has a limit on how many times they can be charged, and yours might have reached the end of its useful life. It is important to know that HOW you charge your battery can cause problems…At least once a month, you should let your phone drain to below 20% before plugging it in. We call that a “Healthy Charge” and can help remind you to do it regularly.

DU Flashlight

My phone have no flash, can I use DU Flashlight?

Certainly, but DU Flashlight will use your screen light as the light source, then your screen brightness will reach the brightest, in order to provide enough light.

Why does my battery lose power so quickly?

Using your phone as a flashlight for a long time uses power continuously. Promptly turn off DU Flashlight after use to save battery power.

Why does DU Flashlight need permissions from the Camera?

In order to use the camera's flash lighting, DU Flashlight needs the Camera's permissions. Rest assured that DU Flashlight will not use the Camera permissions for any other tasks.

How do I set DU Flashlight's default screen to be lamp instead of flash?

In App Settings, tap Default Mode. In the pop-up window, select Screen Light. The next time you start the app, the highest screen brightness will be used automatically as the light source.

What is the purpose of the sparkling flashlight?

When outdoor lighting or natural light is not enough when lost at night, or in the event of an emergency, the sparkling flashlight can alert others to your location.

DU Privacy Vault

How can I lock my apps?

It's simple, open the DU Privacy Vault function and just click the lock button of the apps you want to lock.

Can I lock any app?

Yes, you can lock any installed apps in your smartphone.

How can I hide my photos/videos?

Open the private Images/Videos function and select the photos/videos and press "Encrypt". It's that simple!

How do I change my password?

Open DU Privacy Vault, go to Settings, Password Settings, and Set Unlock Pattern.

What should I do if I forget my password?

You can use your security question answer to reset your unlock pattern.

Du Tube

What is DU Tube?

DU Tube is an application that select the hottest, funniest, most popular and amazing videos on the web for you. We choose all of the videos very carefully to make sure DU Tube could be your best source of fun. Let’s enjoy numbers of great videos right now with DU Tube!

Is DU Tube free?

Yes! All the features of DU Tube are totally free. Our mission is to let everyone enjoy great videos on everywhere.

Why do I need to install YouTube to watch videos?

Because right now we select videos from YouTube, it’s necessary to install YouTube so you can watch our hot & funny videos selection.

How to find videos I want to watch?

In DU Tube, there are so many way to discover more and more videos. You can use our search function to directly find what you want to watch. Also we have provided various channels and videos recommendation to let you choose. You can easily find your favorite videos here.

Which languages does DU Tube support?

Now DU Tube supports 10 languages: English, Arab, Thai, German, Portuguese, French, Turkish, Japanese, Spanish and Chinese (Traditional). You can easily set your language in our app. We still prepare to support more languages in the future.

Can I add videos to my favorite?

Yes, since DU Tube have a huge amount of great videos, you can always add any videos you like to your favorite list. Except this, you can also find your watching history. So it’s simple to watch your favorite videos later.

Can I share videos to my friend?

Yes! With just one click, you can share the videos you like to social media so your friends can join in the fun.